Serial philanthropist, Iam Kokun pays Segun wire school fees

– Iam Kokun is a Nigerian philanthropist, who finds joy in giving to the less privileges.

Segun wire became an internet sensation last year, when the young boy said he wants to be a “yahoo boy” (internet fraudster) when he grow up. In a bid to change the mindset of the boy, many people have been helping to shake up Segun’s life. The boy is now attending a good school and he’s now popular among big names.

Iam Kokun ran into Segun and decided to plant his own seed into the boy’s life. The rich and merciful man took Segun to a store and bought clothes for him and pay Segun’s school fees in advance..

Kokun is a man, who has his positive imprint in many lives. He spends almost every of his day in meeting and help the less privileges. He is the owner of Kokun Foundation which he runs to help the needy.

Real name as Kokun Adepeju, much is unknown about his personal info, but his kind heart and philanthropy work speaks much about him. He has no bound, as he crosses among every ethnic and religion in delivering his goodies. From feeding to clothing and setting up businesses and career for people, Kokun is a human goals. God bless him.

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