Jose Mourinho stalked by a female Italian, who has been stalking him since his Chelsea days

– Security measures have been beefed up to save Jose Mourinho from a female stalker.

The Italian lady have been stalking the United manager since he was managing fellow English side, Chelsea, and even longer. Securities in Carrington training base, Old Trafford have been asked to stop the woman from gaining access. It is believed that United have also reached out to Lowry, where Mourinho is staying since he moved to Manchester United to keep off the lady from Jose.

A source said to The Sun about the lady:

“The issue dates back to his time at Chelsea and possibly longer.

“She’s very persistent and appears to have the hots for him. United staff became aware of it a few months ago and information has been circulated within the club to security staff.

“She works in the media and has previously been granted accreditation for matches. She always seems very keen to speak to Jose, to the point where it’s a bit odd.”

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