Dammy Krane needs to chill and make hits, don't you think?

If you'd ask me, what Dammy Krane is more popular for in 2017 is CONTROVERSY rather than his music. From boarding a private jet with a fake credit that got him few days in US jail, he has settled to throwing jabs to different celebrities.

Here is a rundown of his recent online attacks to fellow celebrities;

1. He taunted Orezi on hairstyle copyright.
2. Stylishly shaded Tekno when the Pana singer announced buying a Wrangler jeep.
3. Collaborating with Shatta Wale to shade Wizkid.

A threading report also had Dammy saying Korede Bello is 27 or 28 years old while he is 23, what a young man Dammy is!!!

The first time I heard Dammy Krane in "my dear," his first single when he was signed to Hypertek, it felt really nice to see an artiste with a unique blend of fuji and hip-hop style. The track was widely accepted, so was the one he featured Pasuma, Ligali. To be factual, his career has been marred with inconsistency like opening a Barbing Salon with Nepa as the only source of supply.

Tu Baba, a person with vast experience in the industry couldn't help Dammy Krane with the right onions, that's to tell the magnitude of how Dammy is so erratic. It's even dicey to place the singer in one spot, Is he an upcoming act? Is he a top act? I do not know where he belongs. Despite several claims of artists stealing his material, like he accused Wizkid in the past, the struggle to put out an acceptable sound looks really tough for the young man.

Without discussing about being signed to HKN whether it was a move forward or backward, Dammy Krane should just get a chill and make good music. Five to six years after coming to the fore, things are not the same as before. Most of his targets have made a bigger career within the time frame, Korede got an ambassadorial contract too, please note.

The aforementioned tips are enough to call Dammy Krane to a secluded thinking about his music career, if it's really important to him. Krane, you should dust your crane, service the engine and construct good tunes again, stop using the crane for social taunting anymore. You've been there, you can stage a return.

Widely, it is also believed that all the drama is for publicity, oh yeah, anything for relevancy. It's worthy to note as a musician, drama is not enough. It may give a few minutes of trend but you'd need another one in the next few hours, why not do music that'd give attention for longer period?

One thing to remember about shading Wizkid is Quilox fight.

Dammy Krane needs to chill and make hits, don't you think? Dammy Krane needs to chill and make hits, don't you think? Reviewed by Moreflip on November 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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