3 Mobile Apps Recommended for Music Producers

In my few years in music production, I've learnt that a producer must be open to new findings. Everyday, developers are dishing out new tools or updated versions of previous ones, to make users have the best use of them.

There are many mobile apps online that music producers can use

1. To enhance workflow
2. To create music on mobile devices.
3. At leisure time and not still far from music

Lately, I've got a grab on some apps and I believe if you are a music producer, you can try them out.

Before listing these apps, I want you to understand that no person contacted me to promote any of them. Somehow, I got these apps on my phone and I thought of sharing them to the music community who might need any of them.

Now, let's rock it.

1. Blacktrackit

This app is a music player, but do you know why I recommend it for them producers? Chill.

As I mentioned, Blacktrackit is a music player, with many functions a music producer needs.

Without using internet connection, when you play a track on it, after few seconds of playing, this app will let you know the TEMPO of the song and also the KEY. Cool, isn't it?

As a music producer, these two things, TEMPO and KEY of a song cannot be underestimated. What's more funnier? Listening to your favorite song or a song you intends to do a project similar to, and you already aware of the tempo and the key of the song. Less hassle.

Another feature of Blacktrackit is that, there are piano scales, chords and also guitar chords, scales made ready to let you know the keys in each chord and scales. That's some music theory help there.

If you don't know much of music theory, this music player can help you in building

*Scale of any key on the keyboard and guitar
*Chords on the keyboard and guitar

And you are sure you are not playing any song out of tune.

* No premium subscription

2. DiscDj

We all get tired at a point using our DAW. I don't know if this is just me, a times, I just wanna be out of studio, especially when ideas are hard to come by. One of my favorite Messiah app is DiscDj.

It is a djing app with 3D graphics, making it possible to tweak the application to preference. I love this so much about the application, placing the deck like you standing just before it.

More features to enjoy DiscDj is the effects (FX) button, below both decks, which consists delay, flanger and other amazing effects to toy with.

Equalizer tab is on top of the deck, that's another bunch of cleverness integrated by the developer. You can decide to cut the low, mid or the high of any song to sit with the other song during the mix.

Beat matching is not so great here, as hardly you can find any mobile dj app that's great with this respect. Notwithstanding, tempo can be matched so that both songs playing on the deck matches the same tempo, just like a Dj will want.

Altogether, this app is good for music producers and music lovers alike. You might say this is derailing, we are talking about music producers here not Disc Jockey, but to me, I love to get a break from music by doing something not far music.


Music producers love MPC, Akai being a big brand here. Making music on MPC is super cool, even if you want to argue that it taking away more effort in music production. It's a good digital hardware, kudos to people making things easy.

MPC Machine Demo is good replica of an Akai proffessional MPC, with 16 pads, an indicator and other functional buttons.

I've only got to use an MPC in a friend's studio but this app has been my personal drum machine ever since i came across it.

Furthermore, despite being a demo version, you can import a pack or sound into it, chop samples, add effects, change the pitch of sounds and more.

For about 8 dollars, you can purchase the full version of this great app, don't mind my hype, the hype worth it. MPC machine worth every penny spent.

There you have my must have apps for music producers and music lovers, I'm also open to know which one you feel I should try. Feel free to share.

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